The company has executed various projects in civil and structural construction and other infrastructure fields with projects spread across South India. It is not an embellishment to state that over the past few decades the company has not only successfully executed large and prestigious projects, but in this process has acquired a pool of knowledge, skills and experience in their field of technological excellence.

Pre engineered buildingS (PEB)

Technological improvement over the years has contributed immensely to the enhancement of quality of life through various new products and services. One such revolution was the pre engineered buildings. Its potential has been felt only during the recent years. This was mainly due to the development in the 2D and 3D innovation in design and detailing in the new era. This also certainly evolved around two major factors which are extremely important, the cost and schedule.
AMK ECC makes the pre engineered steel buildings detailing for its clients which can be fitted with different structural accessories including mezzanine floors, canopies, fascias, interior partitions etc. and the building is made water proof by use of special mastic beads, filler strips and trims. Our versatility in metal buildings systems can be used in various places, which are externally to achieve attractive and unique designing styles as per the need of the client.
It is very advantageous over the conventional buildings and is really helpful in the low rise building design.
We undertake any pre engineered buildings from concept of the client and complete them at a very economical and speedy manner. Buildings can be constructed in less than half the normal time especially when complemented with the other engineered sub systems.

Roof and wall cladding systems can be supplied in a wide range of profiles and colours. Insulation is also available in single cladding with fibreglass insulation or in polyurethane insulated panels. Structural Steel products meet the highest design and manufacturing standards in the industry.
We also provide extensive technical advisory services to our clients - from selection of appropriate structures and eco- nomic design to adaptation of local building material. To ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction, AMK ECC 's Technical Service representatives monitor and supervise the entire project until completion.
Our team has undergone intensive training on erecting buildings of varying complexity and for different applications and offer comprehensive services from construction to complete turnkey solutions.

Structural Construction


AMKECC offers a full line-up of Pre-owned Sheds (POS) or Used Sheds to meet your style and needs at an affordable price to fit your budget and Quick time Installation. AMKECC’s Pre-owned Sheds are of high quality built by skilled craftsmen and within your reach thanks to our affordable price. Pre-owned Shed has many advantages.
Firstly, Its comparatively low Budget. Due to Economic Slowdown, many aspirant Clients for shed may think twice for the Amount incurring for constructing a Shed. For those Aspirants, Pre-owned Shed is a boon.
Next is the Quick Installation Time. Since Pre-owned Sheds are all already Fabricated Ones, Installing them will be done within stipulated time period well above expectation.
Also, Pre-owned Shed (POS) can be Altered to satisfy our designs and Interests. Additional Strengths if insisted by AMKECC’s Structural Consultant , will be done according to Indian Standards. AMKECC won’t compromise on Design Considerations for Pre-owned Shed for Clients.

AMK ECC undertakes turnkey construction of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The range covers Service Sector (IT/Theme Parks, Office Complexes) Urban Infrastructure Sector (Commercial Centers like shopping malls, retail outlets, airport buildings and metro rail stations) Leisure Sector (International Class hotels, Entertainment Centers) Educational & Health Sector (Knowledge Centers, Super-speciality hospitals and medical colleges), Social Sector (Public buildings, religious/convention centers and monumental structures) and Sports Sector (large stadiums, sports complexes).
AMK ECC's capability encompasses design and construction of structural framework including finishing & interior works and electro-mechanical services like: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fire Protection, Building Automation , Vertical Transportation, Plumbing and Sanitary, Surveillance and Security Systems, Telecommunication networks, Electrification, Kitchen, Laundry, Water and Effluent management, Medical equipment, Landscaping and Horticulture.
Complete turnkey solutions are offered with mechanized systems and latest project management techniques for speedy construction.

Civil Construction